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Top 5 most important car pieces we should invest in!

A car is a necessity, especially if your workplace is at a greater distance from home. The car is the one that takes you safely on vacation or shopping, so you have to take care of it all year round. However, nothing is made to last forever, so there comes a time when you have to make minor repairs or change important parts so that your car continues to take you where you need it. Although, it is very important and essential to have car insurance, just in case.


If your car no longer has power when leaving the place or stumbles when you overtake, the main problem may be the injectors. A deficiency of this system can also have the effect of eliminating black smoke through the exhaust system.

If you notice these symptoms, it is advisable to drive to a service to be changed. You can also verify every time the car piece that it is recommended using Sparepartstore24 quality review. Worn injectors cannot be spotted, so they are completely replaced with new ones.

Air filter

The one that helps the engine breathe and does not let dust particles and residues enter the engine is the air filter. As long as they do not affect the proper operation of the engine, it will be a high-performance engine.

If the filter has not been changed for a long time, it will clog and the engine power will be reduced, and it will consume more fuel. If the engine stops immediately after it has been started, it will have to send you to a car service immediately for a thorough inspection of this component. The replacement of the air filter will be done after certain kilometers traveled, which vary between 10,000 and 30,000 kilometers.

Particle filter

Most diesel car drivers drive only in urban areas, which clogs the particulate filter. Abroad, this problem does not appear, because, no matter how much you go in the crowd, you still get on a highway at least once a week. Speed causes the engine temperature to rise and clean the filter deposits. Otherwise, it gets clogged and the only option is a replacement, not cheap at all.


Some cars have a double table steering wheel, others a single table. The double flywheel absorbs shocks better and makes changing gears easier. Regardless of its type, the steering wheel, or more correctly, the steering wheel of a diesel engine will suffer more than in the case of a gas station. On some cars, the technical book clearly states that when you replace the clutch kit you must also change the steering wheel.


One part that breaks down extremely often in diesel engines is the turbo-compressor. Most modern diesel engines are now turbo-type, for better efficiency and emissions in line with EU requirements. But a turbine breaks down if not used properly.

A car is an important and quite expensive investment, so it will need proper maintenance in order not to spend money to fix any problems. Nothing lasts forever and to prolong the life of the car as much as possible you have to make sure that its parts are in the best condition. Both petrol and diesel cars have certain parts that require a little more attention.

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