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Want to stay up to the mark round the home but don’t need to spend too much on the regular upkeep? Fell prey to the “Stop Painting Forever” hype or know someone who bought the “everlasting paint” promise? Here’s a more sensible House & Home Improvement look at the “lifetime guarantee” paints and a better strategy to reaching a maintenance-free house. Add some shiny lighting to your own home with this mounted ceiling gentle.

Here are our prime 5 home improvement ideas that may remodel any home renovation project. Of course, there may be nothing inherently incorrect about eager to clean up one’s home—houses go through many makeovers in their lifetimes, and always have. Believe me, I would love to exchange the gross, vacuum-killing high-pile carpet in my house, if I owned it. All residents of the household age 18 and older are considered. We require verification of income by …

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