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In a good olive oil, fry chopped onion, mushrooms and garlic, add a splash of Spanish brandy, then stir in somewhat flour to make a roux. Loosen with purple wine and meat stock , cut back, then blitz smooth; a vegetarian version is completely acceptable, too. Use with roast meat and as a base for paella and all manner of other rice dishes. Before there was Alton Brown, there was Harold McGee.

The right amount of cooking depends on the sort of meat. Solid pieces of beef solely need to be cooked completely on the surface. You might need to add liquid to the pot because it evaporates.

Follow the recipe’s directions and prepare the sandwiches. Introduce your ingredients and discuss briefly about any of notice. If your viewers is massive and also you want to provide tastings, then you’ll find a way to put together a couple of batches …

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