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What are Yoga’s Health Benefits?

You are already aware of some of the gains of yoga by now if you have been practicing it for some time. For instance, you may have noticed better sleep, a more relaxed body or fewer colds. However, for an amateur, these benefits need to be simplified for better understanding. When you clearly understand these benefits, it will push you to participate in yoga more passionately.

Boosts immunity

Yoga exercises bring about a change in the gene expression to improve immunity in the cells. This is according to a recent Norwegian study that showed that this effect does not actually require long sessions of exercise. The effects start being felt right when you are seated on the mat during exercises. Soothing music and nature hiking were not as effective as yoga, according to the findings. Another study adds that yoga boosts immunity by increasing general health. As participants breathe better, move about better, and blood circulates better, other body organs begin to function better.

Relieving migraines

Triggers of migraines may not be well known. Some practitioners, however, attribute the causes to a combination of physical misalignments and mental stressors. Hunching over computers and phones in a way that forces your shoulders up and head forward so that you have a lifted trapezius and a tight neck are some of the contributing behaviors. The muscle imbalances are considerable triggers for migraines or headaches. A number of participants have experienced less painful and fewer incidences of migraines after only three months of yoga. There are yoga postures specifically designed to address this problem.

Better sleep

Inadequate sleep poses significant health challenges. Sleep disorder can be due to reasons such as stress, anxiety and heath disorders. Yoga has been helpful for people that are coping with sleep disorders, whatever the root cause of the problem. A study conducted by Harvard on participants with insomnia showed improved results after just eight weeks of daily yoga. After cancer survivors practiced yoga in two sessions a week, another study recorded that there was evidence of improved sleep and less fatigue. Yoga helps people deal with stress and anxiety. Your mind slows and calms down once you do the respiratory and mental exercises.

Losing weight

Yoga contributes to weight loss through its role in addressing an unhealthy diet. Harmful weight gain is caused by cravings that we cannot control yet they pump our systems with excessive fats or carbohydrates. According to a study by University of Washington, yoga was linked with conscious dieting, mindfulness of physical and emotional feelings that are connected to eating. Yoga enhances breath awareness, and practicing regularly helps in reinforcing the mind-body connection. This awareness can help control emotions associated with certain cravings. Breathing exercises are good at slowing you down to help you make better decisions when cravings knock.
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