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Reasons Why Tax Reform is a Necessity In the view of many politicians, the current tax rules should be changed. Most American companies are losing their competitive edge due to the current taxation system. While competing with companies from other countries, American companies’ experience some challenges. To resolve most of the problems in the current American economy, the taxation system should be changed. The right approach would be to raise the taxes in a progressive manner. By reducing taxes, small businesses in the country will be given another lease of life. One of the best ways to encourage public investment in America today is by reducing the amount of taxes charged to companies. Public investment was not taken seriously before. When American companies are allowed the space to grow, a lot of money will be availed for the development of infrastructure. The highest taxes in the country are more likely to be paid by the biggest companies. Unless more taxes are paid, it will be hard to obtain money for investing in basic research. The essence of raising more revenues is to reduce the deficits which the country is currently facing. For the country to be on a stable path, more revenues should be raised. The current regime should endeavor to change the taxation system with a view to reducing the current inequality. In the opinions of many professionals, the current epidemic in the country has reached disastrous levels. There is not other period in history when we have had to pay more taxes that the ones paid currently. Savings will be discouraged when the taxes are too high. A number of people do not like investing when the taxes imposed are too high.
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Too high taxes are also likely to discourage people from making investments. Due to the taxes being imposed, some of the people have become fearful of taking risks. When the taxation system is changed, more people will be willing to take risks. Without taking risks, the growth of a company is not guaranteed. Currently, there are attempts to change the taxation system. The prominence of section 1031 has been growing at tremendous levels. Before swapping a business in the current regime, a person has to consider invoking section 1031.
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To be subjected to limited taxes, a person has to consider invoking the section. Indeed, some of the people will not have to pay any taxes when swapping their assets. To avoid punitive taxes when changing the form of investment, it is advisable to invoke the section. Without the punitive taxes, a business is likely to grow within just a short period of time. Some taxation provisions makes it extremely hard for businesses to grow today. It was not clear to most of the people about how section 1031 worked before. It is always important to hire an expert before invoking the provisions of section 1031.