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A Brief Look at Oracle CEO Mark Hurd and the Cloud Wars

There have been many changes in the IT industry in recent years. One of the biggest and most exciting changes has been in data storage. With the sudden rise in popularity of cloud storage and other cloud based IT solutions, it is little wonder that there has been a mass transition from in-house data storage solutions to cloud based data storage. In the next several years, according to Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle, you can expect this trend to continue, with thousands of more businesses making the shift from in house to cloud based data storage.

While the switch from in house data storage solutions to cloud based storage is a major improvement for most companies, there is still the disruptive aspect of change that many companies will be dealing with. When you are experiencing the disruptive aspect of updating your technology to a cloud based system, it is a good idea to discuss your problems and brainstorm solutions with a cloud storage expert from a leading IT services company.

Because there are so many companies making the switch to cloud based IT and data storage services, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of competition that you will find in the cloud storage industry. More and more major companies, like Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle, are at work building data centers, which are massive cloud servers designed to facilitate the cloud storage for thousands of individuals and companies. With increased competition there is likely to be some advantages for consumers.
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When there is a considerable increase in competition, there are likely to be better prices and incredible values for new customers. But, as Mark Hurd of Oracle has explained recently in an Interview with CNBC, it is not always a good idea to settle for the least expensive cloud storage. This increasingly competitive cloud storage market is generally referred to as the ‘cloud wars’ by industry insiders, because there are several major competitors leveraging themselves to make serious strides in the cloud storage industry.
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For more information about cloud solutions for your business, the best thing you can do is visit the website of an industry leading IT company where you can read news stories and interviews about how they can help you transition to the latest technology. By visiting the official website of a leading IT company, like Oracle, and by reading interviews and other articles by and about CEO Mark Hurd, you will find the information and perspective you need to make the best possible decisions concerning your company’s cloud storage solutions. To get started, all you have to do is perform a search using your preferred search engine for information about the cloud wars and Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.