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Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

A lot of people nowadays are more aware of the dangers and things that tobacco smoking can do to a human body that is why a lot of them are also trying to quit the tobacco smoking habit. In fact, there are a lot of manufacturing companies that spend their resources to inventing and making new products that would provide aid for a tobacco smoker who is going through withdrawal. Just to stop nicotine addicted people from entering the tobacco smoking habit again, they are open to try and use products in the market that would serve as an alternative, just like nicotine patches and nicotine gums.

Electronic cigarettes are the newest addition to the products in the market that were made and designed to help tobacco smokers to eliminate the habit. Electronic cigarettes are similar to the traditional cigarette, from how you inhale through the cigarette to the smoke that comes out of you right after, but electronic cigarettes do not have tobacco content. Electronic cigarette smokers use nicotine vapor instead of actual tobaccos and the smoke they inhale do not contain any kind of carcinogens that are found in the smoke from tobacco cigarettes and are harmful for the smokers body and the people around him or her.

Electronic cigarette make use of liquid nicotine that are put into the electronic cigarette’s nicotine cartridge. When a user takes in air from the device to his or her body, a battery inside the device activates and then heats up a bit amount of nicotine liquid then turns it to vapor. Just a single inhale of nicotine vapor from an electronic cigarette is roughly to be equivalent to minutes of usage of nicotine gums and nicotine patches.
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Nicotine cartridges and liquid nicotine used for electronic cigarette smoking comes in various intensity. There are basically three levels of intensities to choose from when it comes to choosing which nicotine cartridge to use, and they are full intensity, half intensity and minimal intensity. Tobacco smokers who are new to quitting tobacco smoking will tend to have a stronger withdrawal and will most likely choose the most intensified nicotine cartridge and over time will be able to lessen the strength of his or her liquid nicotine.
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Tobacco smokers have a really difficult time completely eliminating the tobacco smoking habit because their bodies are in constant search for the same feeling of inhaling nicotine smoke from a cylindrical object and their bodies are also constantly in search of a quick and intense dose of nicotine which electronic cigarettes are able to do, and older alternatives do not, simply because nicotine patches and nicotine gums never really resemble and feel like an actual cigarette and the dosage of a nicotine addict needs to meet the urge of his or her body is just too much to be quickly met and satisfy by those two older alternatives to tobacco smoking.